How to: Be A Fall Tourist in Your Own Town!

How to: Be A Fall Tourist in Your Own Town!

Whether you are new to South Florida or a long-term local, fall is a great time to enjoy the cooler weather and experience everything your community has to offer. Being residents of the community ourselves, the team at JSS Properties wants to share local insights to help you explore the area. Use the following ideas paired with the community calendar to experience your town through the lens of a fall tourist!


  • Use a Guidebook or Tour Guide 

Whether you are new to the area or learning all the corners of your new hometown, learning the history that surrounds you will bring you closer to this stellar community. Visit Florida has dozens of travel guides that are jampacked with all the knowledge you could need to check out Southeast Florida.  


  • Enjoy the Instagram Popular Destinations

They’re popular for a reason! In The Advantage post “Top Instagram Worthy Spots in South Florida” you can gather a list of all your soon-to-be favorites. Whether it is a city sign, beautiful backdrop, coffee shop, or bookstore!


  • Visit a Viewpoint 

Is there a tourist-centric viewpoint that you have yet to experience? Fall is a great time to reach out and expand your horizons to experience a lookout in your own city. Might help you experience a newfound appreciation for South Florida! Take in the viewpoints with paved roads, guided tours, or bike around. Many of these standout viewpoints are located within the best parks of South Florida.


South Florida has tons to offer! JSS Properties is happy to assist you in finding the right community and the right luxury property!

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