Where upscale equestrian charm meets lush landscapes.

Welcome to Wellington

Wellington, the equestrian capital of the world, is not just any ordinary neighborhood. It is a picturesque town that effortlessly combines the thrill of polo matches with the serene beauty of sprawling green spaces. World-renowned for its dedication to the equestrian lifestyle, Wellington attracts enthusiasts from around the globe, seeking not only the thrill of horse events but also a slice of its luxurious, community-centric life. With upscale neighborhoods, lavish homes, and boutique shopping experiences, it ensures that life here is nothing short of extraordinary.


What to Love

  • A premier destination for horse lovers with events like the Winter Equestrian Festival
  • Breathtaking landscapes, parks, and recreational spots for the nature aficionado
  • A nurturing environment with amenities and activities for families of all sizes
  • Diverse festivals and events that forge strong community ties
  • Luxurious homes, elite shopping destinations, and a taste of the finer things in life


Local Lifestyle

At its core, Wellington is equestrian and polo-centric. The rhythm of hooves, the grace of show jumping, and the thrill of polo matches define its essence. However, woven into this equestrian tapestry is the beauty of lush parks, upscale shopping, and the laughter of families enjoying picnics. Residents pride themselves on a lifestyle that harmoniously merges the sporty with the sophisticated. Whether it's a day spent watching a world-class polo match or an evening at an upscale dining establishment, life in Wellington is an embodiment of luxury intertwined with community warmth.


Dining and Entertainment

For the gourmands and those who appreciate the finer things in life, Wellington boasts an impressive array of dining options. Oli's Fashion Cuisine offers modern American delicacies coupled with craft cocktails in a chic setting. At The Duke's Bar & Grill within the Wellington National Golf Club, one can indulge in upscale dining while overlooking the pristine golf course. If you're in the mood for a vivacious atmosphere, Tin Roof promises live music and casual gourmet bites.

But it doesn’t end there! Dive into a world of flavors at Kaluz, renowned for its hand-pattied burgers, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list that would impress even the most discerning oenophile. Looking for a rustic Italian experience? Agliolio Italian Bistro and Bar has got you covered with its scratch-made delights.


Things to Do

Drenched in equestrian charm, one cannot talk about Wellington without mentioning the Winter Equestrian Festival. Spanning from January to April, it attracts horse enthusiasts and celebrities alike. But, if you think this town is all about horses, think again. The Wellington Amphitheater plays host to an array of events, from free concerts to movie nights, ensuring that entertainment is always just around the corner.

Nature lovers can find solace in Wellington Green Park, a sprawling expanse of sports fields, trails, and recreational spots. Meanwhile, the Wellington Community Center always ensures a class or event to participate in, from workshops to fitness sessions.

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