Welcome to Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens, nestled in Florida's sun-soaked eastern coast, epitomizes upscale suburban living blended with a dash of tropical allure. Often dubbed the "golf capital of the world," the city boasts an impressive array of world-class golf courses, attracting enthusiasts and professionals alike. 


Beyond the greens, the community thrives with a unique mix of luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, most notably The Gardens Mall, which offers an exquisite shopping experience with its range of high-end boutiques and brands.


Yet, it's not all about luxury and leisure. Palm Beach Gardens is infused with a sense of community and environmental commitment. Its numerous parks, nature preserves, and recreational areas provide residents ample opportunities to engage with nature. Whether it's a day at the Burns Road Recreation Center, a stroll through the verdant Gardens GreenMarket, or a serene moment by the lakeside, the city offers a perfect balance of metropolitan charm and natural tranquility.


What to Love

  • World-class golf courses beckon enthusiasts
  • Luxury shopping and dining experiences at The Gardens Mall
  • Tranquil parks and nature preserves offer serene escapes


Local Lifestyle

Living in Palm Beach Gardens as a local is to immerse oneself in a blend of relaxed sophistication and natural beauty. Mornings often start with the gentle hum of golf carts heading towards some of the world's most pristine courses while freshly brewed coffee wafts from the city's chic cafes. The streets, lined with lush palms and meticulously manicured gardens, are more than just thoroughfares; they're a testament to the city's commitment to beauty and sustainability.


Residents take pride in their community, often gathering for events at the local parks or bonding over shared interests in clubs and organizations. Neighbors know each other, families thrive, and there's a genuine sense of belonging and community amidst the luxury.


Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens boasts an array of luxury brands and boutiques, making it a top spot for shopping and dining. Just a stone's throw away, Downtown at the Gardens delivers an open-air shopping experience accentuated by a variety of restaurants and a cinema, often set to the backdrop of live tunes. 


Gastronomy in the area stands out with the Coolinary Cafe's farm-to-table offerings and its dynamic seasonal menu. Carmine's Gourmet Market caters to culinary enthusiasts with its curated selection of specialty foods and wines. The Cooper Craft Kitchen & Bar shines with its emphasis on local ingredients and innovative American dishes. The Waterway Café, positioned along the Intracoastal Waterway, is a magnet for those craving seafood with scenic views. Meanwhile, BrickTop's offers a sophisticated spin on American classics, and Paris In Town Le Bistro whisks diners off to France with its genuine French fare.


Things to Do

Art Fest by the Sea is a yearly juried art exhibition held at Juno Beach, close to Palm Beach Gardens, showcasing a wide variety of art like paintings, sculptures, and jewelry from skilled artists who get to sell their creations to the attendees. 


PGA National Resort & Spa is a prestigious resort known for hosting numerous events and tournaments throughout the year including professional golf tournaments like The Honda Classic. It's a haven for golf lovers providing luxury lodging, fine dining, and spa facilities. 


Downtown at the Gardens Summer Concert Series is an event held during summer where the open-air district hosts free concerts by local and regional bands, offering a relaxed outdoor music experience for the residents.


Gardens North County District Park is a large park with diverse amenities such as sports fields, playgrounds, picnic spots, and trails, making it a preferred destination for families seeking outdoor recreation. Lilac Park, known for its serene ambiance and lovely landscaping, features a butterfly garden, walking paths, and shaded seating, providing a quiet escape in Palm Beach Gardens. 


Art in the Gardens, an annual event at the Gardens North County District Park, displays local artists' work, offering live entertainment, art for purchase, and engaging in creative activities. Veterans Plaza and Amphitheater is an outdoor venue for concerts, movie nights, and community events, serving as a communal space for both residents and visitors to enjoy various performances and activities.

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